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2 responses to Want to Share?

  1. Pat Conley

    Olivia–it is such a pleasure to see something like this. Such interesting stories. I’m sharing Chara’s with my classes today. Kids are writing personal essays, and too many of them are preaching, with stuff like like “don’t be mean” and other simplistic lessons, so I’m hoping to show them another way. I’ve loved hearing from your parents about where the years have taken you–have to get going with homeroom. Best wishes.

    Pat Conley (or, if you still prefer, Mr. Conley)

    • hairtiesblog – Author

      I think a part of me will always prefer Mr. Conley, can’t tell you how much this means to me, especially coming from you– that’s where my love for English and writing started. It’s refreshing to see it come full circle. Thank you for sharing! I hope the kiddos got something out of it! I hope all is well on your end. I will be back in the states shortly, maybe I’ll pop in for a visit!

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