The individuals I have the opportunity to speak with span in location, age, race, and culture, yet each speak to the dynamic story of identity as a process. Every strand illustrates the myriad lenses through which we come to understand our world and ourselves within it. This collection of personal stories is an opportunity to feel open to the possibilities of how a young girl’s insecurity can grow into boldness, to listen as a boy’s stubble becomes a protective armor of manhood, and to understand how the process of trimming can inspire healing and connection.

Whether you have the expansive mane of a lioness or your head shines with the openness of a child’s face, each individual has a hair story. We are blessed with roots of color that shed light on unpredictable winded paths and histories. Some stories are lengthy, some cropped, others humorous, and many are moving, contributing to a larger understanding of worldview. Hair Ties intends to inspire reflection and invites others to consider how appearance, mindset and perspective are shaped. These insights are meant to serve as a catalyst for honest dialogue about beliefs, race and the process of growing into ourselves.


2 responses to Vision

  1. Joanna Cirasella

    Olivia you have touched my life in more ways that can ever be described in mere words…
    You are a beacon on light..and I am forever your friend

  2. Joanna Cirasella

    You have no idea what an inspiration you are to me…
    I was Blessed the day I looked in your eyes and I will Always be here for you.

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